From 2012, Veerni has been running an after school program in a village called Meghwalon ki Dhani. The reasoning for this was to help Meghwlaon ki Dhani’s girls with their studies in English, Mathematics, and Science so they will be in touch with their studies during their vacations time. Veerni provided stationary including books, note-books, pens, blackboards to the literacy centre school. There are 21 girls from 5th to 9th grade (7-10 years old). It runs in the afternnon from 4 to 6 pm at the primary school in the village. Veerni has appointed a qualified teacher, Jeevan Ram who comes every day from another village some 25 kilometres away. He is dedicated and the children are attentive.

The program runs all year which means whilst on vacation the girls can top up their studies.

Village Literacy

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