The Veerni Hostel

In 2005, a girl’s boarding facility which could house 90 girls next to an existing private school was established in Jodhpur to access a formal secondary education system. In 2015, the Veerni Project moved to a rented new building for the Hostel, ensuring a better housing environment for the girls near to a recent private co-educational school.
The girls who board at the Hostel are given all the support they need to complete their secondary education. The longer term aim is for the girls to continue into higher education. The boarding facility can house 75 girls (full capacity) and the Hostel has a waiting list.
Today, the main focus of the Veerni Project is the Hostel, due to its success.


The girls that board at the Hostel follow the secondary school curriculum. This includes a choice of three different academic streams: Arts, Science and Commerce. This is in contrast to most rural secondary schools where Art is the only subject taught, limiting the girls’ options for the future. In addition, the Veerni girls attend sports programs as well as computer training. Their health, nutrition and counselling needs are all included in the program.
Today, with the help of the Veerni Sansthan, girls are graduating from secondary education with the potential to compete in the modern world. Upon completion of their secondary education and their stay at the Veerni Hostel, the girls are encouraged to consider college education.

Examples of specific activities organised by the Veerni Institute

  • Health camps are organized on a regular basis. All girls are screened on arrival for general health, particularly anemia, a common problem among young girls in India due to poor nutrition, and general neglect. The Veerni nurse in residence provides sessions on hygiene.
  • Tuition classes : the girls receive additional help with their school work. For the younger girls in the lower classes, the objective is to ensure that they are able to follow the curriculum as they come from village schools where the education is poor. For the older girls, the tuition is important to help them pass their exams in Mathematics and Sewing Classes are conducted regularly at the Veerni Hostel.
  • Art Programs are available to the girls.
  • Computer Academy is being planned with 10 computers and volunteerswho are experts in the IT sector.
  • Self defence is also taught.

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