We are extremely pleased to announce that the second Veerni school, the Veerni Balika, was opened on July 1st 2019 welcoming 20 girls as its first pupils.
The school is sited very near the Veerni Institute at Ram Raj Nagar, Choka, Jodhpur.
As soon as the outside work of the building was completed, all the Veerni staff worked as a team tirelessly from the 2nd June 2019 onwards to organise everything- beds, furniture, food, water and all other facilities- to make it a perfect environment for the girls. It was hard work establishing the new Veerni Balika but it was made easier by the shared effort of the very dedicated Veerni team.
The girls will have everything they need, all provided for them at Veerni Balika: bedding, stationery, school books, plenty of nutritious food, medical care as well as admission into a better school, and all within a safe, caring and protected environment.
Village Literacy
As always, Veerni endeavours firstly, to overcome all the differences between castes and religions and secondly, to focus on improving the girls' education, health and level of empowerment. All the girls come from deprived backgrounds, are child brides or orphans, all living below the poverty line and from the most vulnerable sections of society, and all longing for education and other rights.


An entrance test was conducted on 5th June 2019 for the new admission.

229 girls sat the exam but only 20 were immediately selected for admission to Veerni Balika.
The high percentage of girls failing the entrance exam illustrates the poor quality of the education available in the village schools.


We have selected Modern Senior Higher Secondary School for the 20 girls at Veerni Balika.

The Modern Senior High is one of the oldest and most reputable private schools in Jodhpur with consistently good academic results. It has more than 700 pupils and is a co-educational school with both Hindi and English Mediums, providing all three streams of learning: Science, Commerce and Humanities.

All 20 girls from the Veerni Balika have been enrolled at Modern Senior High School as of 1st July 2019 and the school will be providing transport facilities for them.


The following staff have been appointed for the Veerni Balika Program:
  • Matron
  • Cleaning Staff
  • Security Guard
A Veerni nurse, Mrs Vimlesh, and a volunteer Siyona, as well as other Veerni administrative staff are providing their services regularly to help establish the Veerni Balika Centre.


All the girls are provided with delicious, nutritious meals prepared and served in strictly hygienic conditions along with filtered water at every meal.


The safekeeping of the girls is the one of the top priorities of the Veerni Project.

The Veerni Balika is heavily guarded and we have installed a range of security measures to ensure the safety of the girls at all times.


The following staff have been appointed for the Veerni Balika Program:
  • Staff Presence: There are staff on site at all times with the Matron and the Caretaker remaining within the Institute to supervise the girls' needs and to ensure their safety.
  • Fire Alarms and Water Hoses: The entire hostel building is equipped with alarm- based fire-fighting systems.
  • Emergency Transport: Veerni has a vehicle and a driver accessible at all times for emergency transportation of the girls to the hospital.
  • CCTV: A CCTV camera system is planned and will be installed very soon


  • Girls wake early. Wash and dress.
  • Morning Prayer Assembly
  • Breakfast
  • Transported to School
  • Return from School. Lunch- for example vegetables, pulses, chapatti, salad etc
  • Personal time for resting, doing homework, washing clothes, etc
  • Fruit and snack time
  • Self- study period
  • Evening Prayer followed by Dinner and half hour break time
  • Quiet Study time 9.00-10.30pm
  • Bedtime - lights out 10.30pm
  • Every Saturday after dinner the girls have a get together. They enjoy this time singing, dancing, acting out plays, telling jokes and just chatting and having discussions.
  • Note: Games in the playground will be included soon for girls


  • Organise a general Health Camp
  • Provide uniforms and/or kit for school, sports and hostel time
  • Start Computer, Art & Craft and Extra Support in Tuition classes
  • Installation of television and CCTV camera system
  • Decoration of entire building
  • Biological information of all the girls will be developed shortly

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