S. No. Year No. of girls enrolled Passed
1 2005-06 39 20
2 2006-07 60 47
3 2007-08 86 74
4 2008-09 100 79
5 2009-10 100 92
6 2010-11 100 100
7 2011-12 100 84
8 2012-13 90 86
9 2014-15 90 88

Improvement of academic results

We are learning that early academic intervention, through our literacy centre in rural villages, is a key indicator of future attendance, commitment and success from students.
Increased number of graduates going on to tertiary study or employment.
Ongoing monitoring of more than 20 graduates who study in Jodhpur.
Increasing demand from a growing number of families for places in Veerni, including from new villages.
Progress in general health and wellbeing, particularly the elimination of anaemia.
Monitoring friendships across castes, which at the outset was an unpopular initiative, which has worked very well with 64% SC families (formally the untouchables) sending their daughters who sleep and live alongside the other castes in complete harmony.
Increase in number of villages abandoning the practice of child marriage, as well as the number of girls within the village who choose to annul their marriages. This 2015 unexpected impact has now meant we will use this as an ongoing measure of our success.
Documented first-hand accounts of students and graduates perceptions of their improved life outcomes.

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