• Age: 13
  • Class: 7
  • Village : MKDhani
  • Caste Background : Meghwal
  • Father’s Occupation : Labourer
  • Mother’s Occupation : Housewife
  • Siblings : 4 sisters and 1 brother

Baby is a kind and helpful member of the community. Being part of a family of eight, Baby is use to helping her mother around the house and she has brought this talent for supporting others to Veerni, acting as a constant source of support to new girls settling in and to her friends when they get stuck with their homework.

With a vivid imagination, Baby loves to draw and looks forward to the days when the girls do arts and crafts. Her imagination is also a strong driving force in her desire to study history at college, professing her love of the subject to come from the epic stories that are involved. However, it is Baby’s empathy for the feelings of others that ultimately drives her in life, something that is clear from her dream of becoming a lawyer, which will allow her to bring justice to people who are in need.

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